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M. F. Jones  

Writer, Editor, Animal Advocate


Unholy Spirit:  A Novel

It's 1968, and deadly accidents are befalling people in a convent boarding school. Sister Gigi Lavoie is determined to find and stop whoever is responsible. The victims have all been male visitors to the school, and as Gigi investigates she learns that each of them has recently hurt a girl or woman on the school's premises. When the forty-year-old corpse of a young woman is discovered hidden in the convent's attic, Gigi suspects that some supernatural entity is seeking vengeance, and enlists the assistance of an elderly priest with a deep knowledge of demonic possession. As Gigi and Father Trovato work to rid the convent of the malevolent force, they must each confront the darkness within themselves and their pasts if they are to succeed in wresting an innocent young woman's spirit from the evil power possessing it.  Click here to read a sample.